I slept through September
Through the sound of school bells
and children’s laughter on the playground
-In my pensive twilight sleep
I thanked God for youth and innocence

I fell apart in October
Despite the scent of harvest wafting in the air
And leaves like fallen sunrises crunching beneath my feet
-I knelt down on the unforgiving pavement
and thanked God for beautiful, predictable nature

I almost died in November
When I couldn’t feel the warmth of my children’s arms
or see a future that begged my presence
-Curled on the floor, I watched reality unravel
Until she paused just for a moment to beckon me to stay

I chose forgiveness in December
And prayed to be enough when seasons change
To see the beauty in my errors
-and to someday amble in contented wakefulness
Grateful to You for who I have become