My Creative Outlet

Writing poetry has been a creative outlet for me since elementary school. I think it is important for parents and educators to not only encourage children to find and cultivate creative outlets of their own, but to also share their own creative outlets with children as appropriate. Creative outlets are powerful tools that can help us cope with the human experience in a positive way. I always say that “we need to put our Oxygen masks on first.” We cannot effectively support the children in our lives if we are feeling disharmony inside.


I see your shadow moving
Through the haze
In search of light
Beyond a window pane—
The glow of traffic lights on winding roads
And sun reflecting off the snow—
Freedom from reality
From what is
and what ought to be
Until you come undone and see
A light within your darkness

When Seasons Change

I slept through September
Through the sound of school bells
and children’s laughter on the playground
-In my pensive twilight sleep
I thanked God for youth and innocence

I fell apart in October
Despite the scent of harvest wafting in the air
And leaves like fallen sunrises crunching beneath my feet
-I knelt down on the unforgiving pavement
and thanked God for beautiful, predictable nature

I almost died in November
When I couldn’t feel the warmth of my children’s arms
or see a future that begged my presence
-Curled on the floor, I watched reality unravel
Until she paused just for a moment to beckon me to stay

I chose forgiveness in December
And prayed to be enough when seasons change
To see the beauty in my errors
-and to someday amble in contented wakefulness
Grateful to You for who I have become


Speak clearly so I can hear
The words inside your head
-without cadence or allusion-
The thoughts you will not share
Speak slowly so I can know
What you forgave and why
-And if forgiveness is untethered-
When the truth will not subside
Speak kindly so I can forget
The words you couldn’t say
-The person who I was-
A scene that won’t unplay
Say nothing at all

Can I See You As You Were

Can I see you as you were
And not as I wanted you to be?
If reality conquers expectations
Will you still be you?
And will I still be me?
As today prevails over yesterday
Scars remind us who we are-
When memory is rewritten
And you are you and I am me
I want to know a stronger version
Of who I used to be


To My Daughter

To my daughter—
You are lovely and fragile
In the best way possible
Falling apart at times
Is part of life
I have watched you crumble
From time to time
Only to rebuild yourself
And welcome the promise of
A new day
We are all much, much more
Than what we see
And what we think
Some days
I know you want to trust in this
Just know−
I trust in this
Especially for you
And that I am grateful
And proud
To be your mother

What Should I Say to Madness?

What should I say to madness?
He is calling to me now
Should I implore him to remain?
Or, break away somehow?
What should I ask of madness?
He is waiting at my door
Should I question his intentions?
Or, give into him once more?
What should I beg of madness?
He is kneeling at my feet
Should I tell him to release me?
Or, instead concede defeat?
Children’s joyful laughter
Is hope inviting me to stay
Madness leaves despairingly
Until another day

Let’s Not Just Remember

Let’s not just remember
Midnight airplane rides
And vows in empty spaces
Where no one else did seem to matter
Or nothing else did anyway

Let’s not just remember
Restless hands across a table
Or ramblings on a chilly night
Where nothing else did seem to matter
And no one else did anyway

Let’s just stop remembering
—Just for a moment
Visions with dull edges
Things we said or didn’t say

Let’s do more than just remember
—Let’s just focus on today

Let Me Stay a Little Longer

Let me stay a little longer
In this place I shouldn’t be
If I linger here a few more moments
I finally might be seen
I want to be somewhere else sometimes
−Or someone else−
Impervious and free
Instead I always wind up here
In this place I shouldn’t be
Lingering for far too long
Waiting to be seen

Drowning Is Commonplace

Drowning is commonplace
I expect that
You will not see or hear me
You will continue to breathe
As I gasp for air
You may ask me how I am
Begging to hear the favored reply
Is what I tell you
Do not worry
This too shall pass
Followed by the requisite words

Fear Tightly Tied Her Wrists

Fear tightly tied her wrists
And told her not to go
Here with me you’ll stay
She look upon her wrists
And lovingly obeyed
The days passed slowly
And the rope began to fray
She heard his words inside her head
And lovingly obeyed
She grew into a woman
And still his voice remained
Down upon her wrists she stared
And lovingly obeyed
The broken rope lay at her feet
His words soon ceased to play
And only to herself
Would she lovingly obey