My Creative Outlet

Writing poetry has been a creative outlet for me since elementary school. I think it is important for parents and educators to not only encourage children to find and cultivate creative outlets of their own, but to also share their own creative outlets with children as appropriate. Creative outlets are powerful tools that can help us cope with the human experience in a positive way. I always say that “we need to put our Oxygen masks on first.” We cannot effectively support the children in our lives if we are feeling disharmony inside.

It Is Not For Us To Reason Why

It is not for us to reason why
It was, the past, and now it is
The way it is
Do not unravel what is done
A fleeting thought
That now is gone
Or travel down a tattered path
For yesterday is gone away
But now is near and always

I Cannot Be Who I Once Was

I cannot be who I once was
When I held you in my arms
And you, the other you, against me
Do not forget me, the other me
Who tucked loose hairs
Behind your ear and whispered
Loving words to you and only you
My love, new beginnings end
And what is sure to end begins again
I am who I am this night, tonight
Alone with heavy eyelids
Pondering the purpose of it all
Waiting for the end to end
So that I may begin anew

Through Children’s Eyes

Look at me and know
How much I hate this
Stare at me and see
The people who you love
And know that every prayer
Cannot be answered—
Our strength is born from error
And nourished with compassion—
I want to see you and be seen
Through children’s eyes